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2009-01-16 10:52:35 by NightmareMachine




2008-04-25 18:05:09 by NightmareMachine

Finally, I managed to put on internet a my friend's song.
It's cool, but is not better than my.
Listen it

My First Song

2008-01-23 12:10:28 by NightmareMachine

Finally, I posted my first song.
It isn't expecial, but it's not bad; it's a remix of the song "Rhytm is a Dancer" of Snap.
Please vote it and write a review if you have the time.

Hello everyone. I don't do many posts and I don't know how to do animations or songs, but I appreciate the work of all those who publish their work on Newgrounds.Thank you for visit my userpage, and for publish your works.